Tax preparation services

income tax preparation in NHTax laws change constantly, and the ramifications can be costly for you and your business. We specialize in income tax preparation for individuals and small businesses, including e-filing your return with the Internal Revenue Service and various state tax authorities.

For individual taxpayers across the nation, filing season this year will not begin until Friday, February 12, 2021. Tax Day has been extended to Monday, May 17, 2021 - the date that your tax return must be submitted electronically (e-filed) or post-marked to be considered filed on time by the IRS. If you request an extension, however, you must file your return by Friday, October 15, 2021.

Filing your tax return can be challenging, especially if you are an individual who:

  •    itemizes deductions,
  •    owns a home,
  •    experiences life-changing events (has a baby, has a child ready for/in college, changes
  •    in marital status, retires, inherits, joins the military),
  •    has rental property,
  •    buys and sells stocks and bonds,
  •    has large medical bills,
  •    has un-reimbursed business expenses,
  •    is self-employed, or
  •    has foreign income.

Our tax preparation services begin with a consultation and checklist. The checklist helps us identify areas of special consideration, such as income property expenses, or certain deductions for specific occupations. We take the time to answer your questions based on our knowledge of the present tax laws, and let you know if there are changes coming in the next tax year that may warrant a change in your tax planning strategy.

We maintain your tax return in our files, and provide you with a pre-populated checklist for the following year. This checklist is of great benefit in helping you organize your files and ensure that nothing is missed.

In the event you receive any notice from the IRS or state revenue department, contact our office immediately so that we can assist you. Having a CPA respond to a potentially incorrect tax notice or represent you during an audit can be a great help during what is usually a stressful time!

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